Girls Night Out

My husband sent me an email today from some coworkers of his inviting me to a “Girls Night Out.” Obviously my husband thinks I am not getting out enough. Granted I have not been anywhere aside from work, the grocery store, and one time a parent teacher conference without my now 3 month old baby boy, but this kinda freaks me out.
Why am I so reluctant to do anything? I think there are many reasons. They may or may not be reasonable reasons, but reasons none the less. First of all, if I make plans then I have to keep them. And what if I change my mind? Or have a bad day? Second of all, I am tired most of the time, from late night feedings and early morning appointments, it’s too much work to have fun! Third, I barely even see my own husband, why would I want to go out, away from the people I love when they are who I really want to be with?
Reasons. I will probably go. Because I probably do need it. Now I just have to figure out the breastfeeding logistics. I may have a margarita and I don’t have much of a back up supply. Should I introduce a one time formula bottle? Ugh, I just don’t know. See! There is so much involved in “having fun.”


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