Bored…the story of my life.

I am so friggin bored with myself that I might just explode! I think the Lexapro is helping, I don’t feel like driving into the ditch anymore and I only have anxiety attacks once a week or so, but I have realized that I may be a little dull. Maybe I’m just down on myself still but I need to make myself more interesting to me. All I do is work and take care of the family lately. How boring (for me anyway, the kids don’t think so). I know I need to find a hobby. I know this. Getting up and getting started with something is part of the problem. There is always a reason NOT to do something. Such as…my house is a mess! Where am I going to DO this new hobby? The disaster that is my home is so out of control that it is difficult to even want to start to work on it. Especially when the kids do such a good job undoing all of my hard work. But school starts on Aug 18th here so maybe I’ll get to it then. And there you go maybe in September I will start a new hobby. I’ll just be bored with myself until then!


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