I am going to start writing again. I swear. If anything it sure would be nice to have a place to keep track of all of my thoughts and then be able to look back and laugh at myself. :). Right.
Like for instance, I am now starting to loose weight!!! Yea me! I want to go shopping so bad but not with this extra 20 pounds on my ass. Things just fit better when the body is less lumpy. Right? So I started watching what I eat this week. No calorie counts or starvation. And I have lost 4 pounds already! Go me!!! Super excited about that.
I was also thinking that I should learn how to sew. Only because I LOVE Project Runway and totally envy the fact that those people can make there own clothes! I want my daughter to become a designer. That would be so cool!

That’s all for now. Smooch.


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