Man, I hate this…

Ok so here’s the scoop.  We have no money.  Big family=no money.  The IRS drained our bank account, which was awesome.  We had never had to pay in anything before last year so it was a shock anyway…all the while I thought I was paying the IRS, but I was actually paying my state taxes.  They didn’t care.  By the time they drained our account down to $1 our taxes were 10 months late and they were not going to work out an agreement.  Long story short…no money.  On top of that we had been trying to catch up on every other bill in the world, working overtime every week, but our mortgage was getting more and more behind.  Everytime I was about to pay the mortgage the water or the electric would get turned off and it kept getting put off and put off…well you get the picture.  So now…no money and house is about to go into forclosure.  Sweet.  I am busting my budgetting ass to figure this whole thing out, but it ain’t pretty people. 

So here I am eating canned ravioli and venting (haven’t gone to the grocery store in 2 weeks with a family of 6…options were limited.)  I sat down with the hubs and laid out the bill payment plan that I have constructed for the next 2 weeks.  We are supposed to get a tax return this year and at earliest it should show up tomorrow…cross your fingers and toes!  This should help a little with the mortgage, but of course other bills continue to roll in.  Needless to say there is a lock-down on spending in our house.  I just hope I can keep the hubs on track.  He said “We’ll just have to keep things tight for a month or two.”  I am thinking 6 months and am hoping to keep him focused. 

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us, I don’t wanna lose the house!



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2 responses to “Man, I hate this…

  1. Sending up prayers for you and yours.

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