And the hits keep comin’

So today I found out that my tax refund that I was going to use to catch up on the bills and start getting the mortgage on track, was re-routed to the mortgage company.  So that threw a wrench in my plan, since I had already post-dated a check to them with the anticipation that the tax refund would be in my checking account.  I call the mortgage company to stop payment, and they inform me that they can’t, because there is a lock on my account, because it is now begining forclosure, or whatever.  It’s so funny (but not really) how you think you are doing the right thing (or all that you can) only to find out you were soooo wrong. 

Tonight I went over and over our budget.  And located a local credit counselor (the nearest one is 45 min away, geez.)  Programmed the HUD foundation phone number in my cell.  Tried to convince my pride that it would not KILL me to tell my parents what is going on.  But it sure feels like it will kill me. 

Tomorrow I pay the water bill.  Even though I know that it will put my account into overdraft and I will be charged a fee.  If I don’t, my water will be turned off and I will have to pay twice as much.  And that just sucks.


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